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Select Program: U13-U19


Thank you for your interest in our Select Program! This program is designed for players between the ages of 13 - 18 years old. The Select environment is top-level training and competitive game-play against other clubs.


What ages may participate in Select soccer?
The Select program is open to players between the ages of 12/13 to 18 years old. Try-outs are held at the end of each season.

What 2020/2021 age group does my child belong in?

Age Group

Birth Year

8 and Under (Pre-Academy)


9 and Under


10 and Under


11 and Under


12 and Under


13 and Under


14 and Under


15 and Under


16 and Under


17 and Under


18 and Under


19 and Under



A child cannot  play below their age group. However, at the discretion of the club directors, a player may move up one age group when appropriate.

What does the registration fee cover?
The registration fee you pay for your child covers items such as registration with our governing body, insurance, coaching fees, ref fees, club practice/games expenses.

What are the fees for Fall 2020/Spring 2021?

Age Group - Play Level

Annual Registration Fee*


NOT Included in registration fees


8U/9U Academy


2 training sessions/week

Uniform ($300); tournaments and travel expenses *

10U/11U/12U Academy


2 training sessions/week

Uniform ($300); tournaments and travel expenses *

13U/14U Select


2-3 training sessions/week

Uniform ($300); tournaments and travel expenses *

15U/16U Select**


2-3 training sessions/week

Uniform ($160); tournaments and travel expenses *

17U Select**


2-3 training sessions/week

Uniform ($160); tournaments and travel expenses *

18U/19U Select**


2-3 training sessions/week

Uniform ($160); tournaments and travel expenses *

Will any additional fees be due throughout the season?

Your registration fee does not include  uniforms or tournaments (1-3 per season). Those exact fees will be shared by your coach/team manager as soon as available.

Who will be my child's coach?
Our Select teams are coached by licensed staff. Coaching assignments will be announced as soon as they are available.

When does Select soccer take place?
For 13U-14U, there are two seasons of Select soccer: Spring and Fall. The Fall season runs from the end of August through mid-November. The Spring season runs from mid-February through mid-May. Due to high school soccer, for 15U-19U there is only a Fall season that runs from the end of August through mid-November.

When are the team practices?
Each team is assigned practice days from available slots Monday-Thursday. Practices take place 2-3 days a week (depending on age), and are approximately 1.5-2 hours per session. Age-specific group training may take place as appropriate. All practices are at Bethesda Park.

When and where are the games played?
Select games are a mixture of home games at Bethesda Park, and away games at various clubs in/near Georgia. Starting in Fall 2020, our select teams are a member of SCCLP, and are scheduled in the appropriate division by the organization. As such, some travel may be required through-out the season. Majority of the games are played on Saturdays, but there may be games on an evening during the week or on a Sunday to ensure all games are played in the allotted time.

Can I make requests for specific teammates and coaches?
Given the competitive structure of the Select program, you are not able to request specific coaches or teammates.

How are teams formed?
Teams are formed after season try-outs. Chosen players will be placed on age-appropriate, gender specific teams.

My child participated in try-outs for the Select program. What should we expect next?
You will be contacted by a representative from Steamers FC within 7 days of the try-outs to advise of our decision. Once offered a spot on a team, the team coach/team manager will contact you regarding necessary actions prior to the first day of practice (i.e. confirmation of age, head shot of your child, medical waiver).

What size ball does my child need?
4U-8U: Size 3 soccer ball
10U-12U: Size 4 soccer ball
14U-19U: Size 5 soccer ball

Do we have to purchase a uniform?
If you did not purchase the Adidas uniform in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 then you must purchase a uniform. This is the second year of our two - year uniform cycle. As such, you are required to purchase a uniform during registration if your child does not have the new set. 

The kit is approximately $300 (U8-U14) and includes: 2 game-day jerseys; 2 practice jerseys; 2 pair of shorts ; 2 pairs of socks ; 1 warm-up suit (jacket and pants); 1 bag; and, 1 ball.  If your child plays U15-U19, due to the shortened season their required kit will be $160 and includes the above items, with the exception of the warm-up suit and bag.

Soccer Locker is a great option to purchase additional balls, cleats, and shin-guards!

We missed try-outs. What can we do now?
If you feel your player should be considered for a Select team, but missed the try-out window, please contact our Academy/Select directors:

Boys: Angel Adame    
Girls: Kenny Costello